Shantel Wittstruck, Founder of Outdoor Women of the Midwest, is an outdoor enthusiast, writer and public speaker from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She writes freelance for a variety of outdoors publications, works closely with Hannah Stonehouse Hudson Creative and on Pro-Staff with Clam, Vexilar and Northland Tackle. Before you can say “Fishing or Hunting anyone?” Shantel is already on the water, drilling holes in the ice, out in the woods or laying in the field. Even with her many educational opportunities to share valuable information of the outdoors during seminars she gives or even scooping minnows at the local bait shop, she’s always open to listen and learn from anyone. Shantel is a member of South Dakota Wildlife Federation, a member of South Dakota Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, a member of the Women On Ice Project, a member of Wisconsin Women Fish as well as Women Anglers of Minnesota. Shantel is also former President of South Dakota Walleyes Unlimited.


“There is never a right way or a wrong way when it comes to the outdoors. There’s always just another way. Educate, inspire and repeat. That’s my motto.” There might be limits when it comes to daily catch but there are no limits when it comes to learning new insights and sharing good times in outdoor adventures with friends and family. When the bite slows down or hunting is tough, it's time to find another way. Don't be afraid to try something new!

“As a mother of two and married to an outdoors-aholic, I love sharing the outdoor skills I’ve worked hard to develop since I was a toddler with my own parents and grandparents,” The passion is contagious, and now, generational. “Whether it’s my role as a leader in volunteer or non-profit organizations or showcasing knowledge about the myriad of products out there to choose from; I love learning, exploring, doing and sharing. It’s so much fun!” Conservation and the outdoor heritage is important to myself and my family. It is who we are and what we do... Together.

Outdoor Women of the Midwest has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember! This website provides opportunities for women to communicate, establish new friendships, learn, grow and share experiences within the outdoors. Outdoor Women of the Midwest’s goal is to educate, inspire, share and empower women of all ages and skill level in the outdoors. Nothing holds us back!!

I would like to, personally, WELCOME YOU to OWOTM and look forward to you discovering your passion!